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Breaking Classical, A Deconstruction of Ballet (PC: Font & Figure)

Breaking Classical, A Deconstruction of Ballet (PC: Font & Figure)

All Together Now (PC: Casey Page Billings Gazette)

All Together Now (PC: Casey Page Billings Gazette)

Last Best Place, Conversations with Montana (PC: Font & Figure)

Last Best Place, Conversations with Montana (PC: Font & Figure)

Post it Notes, Stuck on You

Post it Notes, Stuck on You

Breaking Classical

The Breaking Classical Collection draws upon classical lineage, history, cultural politics, feminism, and the boundaries and containers of classical art forms. Each artist involved engaged in a dialog with their classical lineage, and personal relationship to their location in the art form, and was then asked to ‘break’ from those traditions or call upon an aspect of the tradition(s) that felt potent and cathartic for them to explore as a performative inquiry. Three distinct sections (Aurora, Restrictions, Return) came forth as a result of this initial reflection and each has further bloomed into more nuanced inquiries.



“Your beauty is as a sunrise; but painted. Only to be seen, the glowing warmth never felt” ~ Olivia Brown



“With heavy cloth cocoon your heart
From those that cannot see.”
~ Krista Leigh Pasini


Return In You

“Then everything will return in you”

~ (translation) Verdi Prati, Alcina

A deconstruction, February 2017

Breaking Classical, A Deconstruction of Ballet (2017). Commissioned by Alberta Bair Theatre's OPI Outreach. Performed at the Billings Library Community Room February 14th, 2017. A performance lecture demonstration from Olivia Brown, Carolyn Coefield, Allison Kazmierski, and Krista Leigh Pasini.
Choreography and Performance design by Krista Leigh Pasini of HaltForce Art Collective
Vocal performance by Carolyn Coefield, Soprano
Poetry by Olivia Brown of Olivia Carolynn Brown
Portrait photography by Allison Kazmierski of Font & Figure
Performance photography by Miranda Murdock Photography
Clothing design by Tiffany Miller O'Brien of Tiffany Miller Designs

Mourning Cloak, January & February 2017

Solo Performance by Krista Leigh Pasini
Inauguration: A Celebration to Mark the Beginning January 2017

Solo Performance by Krista Leigh Pasini
Chansons for a Winter’s Night
February 2017

Development research for Restrictions inspired by the Mourning Cloak Butterfly, a butterfly so named for the fringe of color at the edge of dark purple and black wings - resembling a mourning cloak. This solo performance integrated the cocoon like garment as a metaphor for the societal restrictions social etiquette of mourning as depicted by Emily Post in her book Etiquette.


Mourning Cloak Butterfly

The Mourning Cloak Butterfly is a powerful flier and one of the longest lifespans. Their wing pattern a dark purple with a fringe of vibrant color at the edges is likened to a girl who, disliking having to be in mourning, defiantly let a few inches of bright dress show below her mourning dress.

Restrictions Apply [Void Where Prohibited], June & AUgust 2018

Solo Performance by Billie Parrott
Soul Show Just Us June of 2018

Solo Performance by Billie Parrott
Dreyfest Poetry Slam August 2018

A further inquiry of both Restrictions and Mourning Cloak - exploring historical and present conversations on the expectations of women, Restrictions Apply [void where prohibited] is a provocative performance art work intended to spark dialog on the many shapes women conform to, adopt, reshape, and discard.


Restrictions Apply
[void where prohibited]

“Clothes are to us what fur and feathers are to beasts and birds; they not only add to our appearance, but they are our appearance.

A woman may be stared at because she is indiscreet, or because she looks like a left-over member of the circus, or because she is enchanting to look at. If you are stared at, what sort of stare do you usually meet? Is it bold, or mocking, or is it merely that people look at you wistfully? If the first, change your manner; if the second, wear more conventional clothes; if the third, you may be left as you are. But be sure of your diagnosis of this last” ~Emily Post

Return In You, September 2018

Performance by Carolyn Coefield and Allison Kazmierski
Invited guest performance in tribute to dance educator Jana Stockton


Return In You

“Let us not look for you only in memory,

where we would grow lonely without you. You would want us to find you in presence, Beside us when beauty brightens,
When kindness glows. And music echoes eternal tones”
~ John O’Donohue

Aurora, Fall 2019

Pre-production development, in progress.



“We used to be kin, you and I, but now we are barely acquaintances. Somehow I feel within my being that I am nothing without you. You owned me for so long and I loved you. So there is life after you … I don’t know what I will find, but there is more” ~ Olivia Brown

 All Together Now, June 2017

Krista Leigh Pasini and the cast of All Together Now created an entry point into grief and the human experience that is both heart wrenchingly beautiful and poignant. The use of movement to convey story is original and takes this theatrical performance to new heights. You will be blown away by the caliber of the script, the lighting and set design, only surpassed by the performance of the actors. Montana competes with the best talent coming out of any urban population.
— ~Jael Kampfe

About the Project
All Together Now first premiered as a one act submission for Sacrifice Cliff Theatre’s New Works Festival in 2015. Pasini collaborated with sound artist Matt Taggart on the drifting gaps in Montana families as sons and daughters pick up new occupations and leave the farms, ranches, and towns they were raised in. Without dialog, the piece depicts a family at dinner communicating through action and gesture. As the project evolved into an evening length work, a secondary narrative emerged: how a family copes and fractures amid tragedy. The 90 minute performance can’t be considered a play or a dance, rather it’s a nonlinear piece of multidisciplinary theater and relies heavily on a unique sound score to drive narratives delivered through movement and gesture. The movement and story is anchored by a dining table; the only place the family is together in both bright and dark times. 

Follow the Journey
More details &  information posted on the Facebook event pages All Together Now (2016) and  All Together Now at Carroll College (2017)

Cast + Crew
Learn more about the Artists
Carol: Dina Brophy
John: Dave Caserio
Annie: Carly Mann
Sam: Dan Nickerson
Dennis: Patrick Scott-Wilson
Set & Tech Designer: Michael Pasini
Lighting Designer: Dave Schanno
Stage Manager: Alys Marshall
Director: Krista Leigh Pasini
Original Theme Score: Matt Taggart
Featured Music by: Matthew Burtner
Photography Ted Kim + Jodie Tenicin + Thom Bridge + Ed Kemmick + Casey Page
Promotion Design: Allison Kazmierski

I can’t begin to recommend this remarkable play enough. I won’t get into specifics (for that, you’ll have to see the play) but will say that All Together Now touches on personal loss and grief with an unforgettable voice. Just a superb performance all the way around. Go see it!
— Ted Kim
PC: Ted Kim (2016)

PC: Ted Kim (2016)

PC Independent Record (2017) Thom Bridge

PC Independent Record (2017) Thom Bridge

I still can’t quite articulate the level to which I was touched. An incredibly thoughtful, complicated, and realistic depiction of what [does and doesn’t] happen inside a family in the aftermath of tragedy. A whole lotta scar tissue was loosened for many, I’m sure.
— Cass Sullivan
This is a terrific play and ensemble. The cast did a superb job. There is a scene where Carly Green (who is so stellar throughout) slips under the dining table. The movement is haunting in its fluidity. That’s all I’m going to say. You’ll have to go and see for yourself.
— Connie Dillon
PC: Ted Kim (2016)

PC: Ted Kim (2016)

Press Links 2016
Last Best News, Dancer Director Debuts Drama Keeps it Real Raw Live "Pasini had decided early on to make the play an immersive experience, so that audience members were not merely watching a family dinner but feeling almost a part of it ... All in all, it’s an impressive debut for a director." Ed Kemmick 

Billings Gazette, Billings Newest Venue Hosts All Together Now  "Pasini is still the play’s director, but she encouraged the performers — all experienced in the craft of theater and performance art — to add their vision to the work. The result is an unnervingly accurate look at a family with all of its eccentricities and varying worldviews." Jaci Webb 

Billings Gazette, Examples Point to Billings Demand for Culture "The play doesn't rely on dialogue to communicate grief, bitterness, and ultimately love. Because director Krista Leigh Pasini is a dancer and choreographer, her vision for the piece was to use the body to convey messages from the heart ... It feels like we're peeping into a window of this family’s home." 

“Mourning is intrinsic to cultivating response-ability. Mourning is about dwelling with a loss and so coming to appreciate what it means, how the world has changed, and how we must ourselves change and renew our relationships if we are to move forward. Genuine mourning should open us into an awareness of our dependence on and relationships with those countless others being driven over the edge of extinction ... The reality, however, is that there is no avoiding the necessity of the difficult cultural work of reflection and mourning. This work is the foundation of any sustainable and informed response. Grief is a path to understanding entangled shared living and dying ... without sustained remembrance, we cannot learn to live with the ghosts and so cannot think ... it matters what thoughts think thoughts; it matters what stories tell stories”
— Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble

LAst Best Place | Conversations with Montana [2017-current]


Where is the '“last best place”? What are the stories of that space? How do we extract from ourselves? Others? What is worth? How do we love the scars as equally as we love the beauty marks? How can we be stewards of our place and of ourselves?


Dirt Dumpling

It was only a matter of time before they saw my raw, muddy, and un-hemmed edges.

Performance Sites | tour 1

46° 54’ 47” N 110° 41’ 37” W
46° 56’ 49” N 110° 44’ 18” W
47° 00’ 53” N 109° 52’ 21” W
46° 35’ 26” N 109° 45’ 48” W”


Loved To death

Parched of any resource left to give I will still find a way to offer you all that I have, even if it kills me.

Performance Sites | Tour 2

47° 08' 00" N 108° 59' 29' W
46° 26’ 15” N 108° 32’ 24” W
46° 12’ 04” N 108° 27’ 05” W


What of?

What of carefully planned spaces? Tenuous relationships with exactitude: precisely considered steps, rank and file motion, unison ... expectations.

What of the void?

Performance Sites | Tour 3

46° 00’ 39” N 112° 31’ 7” W
46° 01’ 16” N 112° 32’ 7” W
46° 3’ 32” N 112° 31’ 56” W


Go Further

I was needed, I was useful, but only as spare parts to make a whole.

Performance Sites | Tour 4

46° 0’ 18” N 108° 22’ 2” W
45° 59’ 34” N 108° 21’ 60” W
45° 47’ 5” N 108° 28’ 13” W



How long before the banks fall in and the pathways worn bare? When will I be undone, overcome, and tread upon?

A recycling of seasons, dormant winters, a rebirth every spring, allows another chance to care for this ecosystem.

To remain intact.

Performance Sites | Tour 5

45° 25’ 11” N 110° 40’ 7” W
45° 25’ 15” N 110° 38’ 6” W
44° 59’ 8” N 110° 41’ 21” W


Who Speaks for Us?

And, when your story is told on the lips of someone else, how do we listen? Knowing that pieces are missing, projections of self intertwined, and interpretation ubiquitous in the prism of how each of us see the world. I’ve cobbled together a mirage that I know isn’t real, but it’s something I continue to do, because I‘m invested. I've no other place to go.

Performance Sites | Tour 6

45° 11’ 26” N 109° 20’ 10” W
45° 11’ 01” N 109° 22’ 4” W
45° 10’ 55” N 109° 20’ 42” W


The Artists

Allison is the photographer, Mike is the builder, Krista is the mover and we are all the gatherers. We set out to explore the underlying senses and creative intuition behind our roles in order to discover the similarities that influence and inspire them.

Last Best Place, Conversations with Montana started in June of 2017 as a series of site specific explorations across Montana; documented through various methods. The findings of each outing are archived and cataloged by each artist. The objective is to meet a variety of spaces and engage in a conversation with each site.

Extended gratitude to everyone who hosted us, and shared in this project's development. Stay tuned for more.

Contributors Artists
Video Design by Nick Olsen of [NO]Creative
Project Collaboration with Rhonda Whiteman
Threads by Tiffany Miller Designs


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 Post It Notes, Stuck on You

The river was always there for us,

I should have stayed on the farm

It’d be useless to pursue a diagnosis

I need to remember,

I can’t forget,

But I’m still laughing …