A project is unfolding and we are anxious to share it with you. Perhaps you'd like to lend us a hand? We have a small list of items we'd like help in collecting. 


Field Testing

As a performance artist & writer, I'm exploring how words, phrases, & the etymology of words are interpreted & represented in the body. I am currently field testing a section of my work & invite you to participate in this study. You do not need to be a trained dancer, in fact, I'm very interested in those who have little or no dance training so that I can explore more authentic movement responses. This series of field testing can be done remotely & one-to-one using video conferencing or in person. It will take 30 minutes of your time. Your contribution to the study will not be shared publicly & will function as a dialog between you & I. Your response to the work & feedback afterwards is of genuine value & will help refine the work further. I'd love to share it with you & include your experience as another 'voice' in this playful project. Perhaps you're interested, but need a little more information or you'd like to join the study?
Either way, please contact me, Krista.

Maps of Montana

Maps of Montana

We are collecting maps of Montana and they can be crisp and new or well loved. These can be highway maps, backpacking maps, new or old. Or maybe you'd like to share a self made, sketched, or doodled version. We don't mind if there are notes written on them, or corners missing. While the image above is a conventional highway map, we also consider that maps take many shapes and forms beyond the suggestions above. Whatever you choose to share will be integrated into the work, so the maps you send will need to be ones you are comfortable with letting go of. Rest assured your maps will meet other maps and have grand adventures becoming something new. 

Sound Recordings of Montana

Sound Recordings of Montana

Most of us have smart phones with a voice memo app or other methods of recording sounds. We'd love to receive the sounds you hear while your out and about in Montana. These can be city sounds or not so city sounds. They can be highways, rivers, crosswalk beeps, animals, rain falling. Just be mindful of your material, as in some instances recording sound may infringe on others who may not wish to be recorded or participate. These sound recordings can be 30 seconds long to 5 minutes long and emailed easy peasy. Need assistance with making a recording? Let us know how we can help. 


newspapers from Montana 

If you still get a print newspaper we'd love to have it when you're done. Our hope is to collect printed newspapers from all over Montana and from a variety of dates as well. These will be melded into our project and similar to the maps they'll be absorbed into something new, so it's best if you send ones you don't need to have back. And yes, the Missoulian in the photo above is from 1969.