Absolute Certainty


by michael pasini

In reflecting upon the current state of politics/things, my reaction is to stop expressing my concern, only to be an observer as I do when studying history. My sense of self is easily overwhelmed by the constant stream of opinions and fears supercharged by the media and social platforms. While I appreciate that our technology keeps us constantly informed; I’ve recently come to really enjoy those quiet places: the trails where our dog, my partner and I can walk... It’s nice to build a playlist, put my headphones on and ride my motorcycle to the gym. A glass of wine at home after a busy day is helpful in filtering out the daily doses of bullshit (which I myself create at times) perhaps as an excuse to enjoy a glass or two of wine.

At an alarming rate we are becoming hardwired - wirelessly to the world as tech capital, population, our need for resources and indebtedness dissolves borders around us: liberating everyone from geography. It’s apparent we are falling outside the realm of traditional governance, but reforming entrenched draconian policies is much easier said than done. This makes me think of a quote from Thomas Paine - “Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness,” which seems very obvious right now!

People don’t seem to be apathetic these days which means the political system is no longer healthy enough to be ignored, which is in part due to our safer forms of expression via social media. The common threat is being unfriended or embarrassed by a more logical response. We assume the things we hold dear are untenable due to our adherence to historical inevitability. Perhaps this is a perol we were unable to avoid until now, depending upon how we choose to use new technologies since we are the ones holding the gun. Social media is our platform on which we can rant, profess, make connections and share our experiences easily without the insecurity of being face-to-face. I try to apply Socratic irony to all my posts, before posting so I can delete them if they are impetuous; If I’m generalizing, my partner is quick to tell me and I respect her for this. As inscrutable as the ways of human progress are I believe we will continue to find our way through the rabbit holes we dig with wise education reform that no longer deny for “quick return” all the resources we have used over the centuries. Theology, science, politics and myth all have their place in our workshop because they are essential tools we use to create principles that can give us some degree of certainty. When the human race accepts that striving for “absolute certainty” is futile we will have more certainty...

~ Michael Pasini