by krista leigh pasini

Coiled & enveloped. A singular tree amid a line of cottonwoods. Piercing barbs stemming from, among the Earth. Snaking around the trunk. Threading into the branches. Scaly bark barely discernible underneath a blanket of established thorns. Like drift wood, the elder thorns are parched yet firm. Holding routes for the younger softer spines. Ants make the passage between trunk & a gauntlet of needles. A path no squirrel or bird could shadow. All accomplices appear straightforward in their chores. Nothing proposes imbalance. The cottonwood emboldened with a vibrant avocado canopy. A deep garnet hue from the fledgling thorns. They creep their way skyward over the tops of other spikes. Adding another coat, another layer. The ants crawl with linear course, travelling with intention. Each pursuing their independent vantage. Intertwined together, among a line of cottonwoods