Rather than quickly filling out a waiver, consider what movements and activities you enjoy and then consider those you favor less. What is your relationship to those movements and activities; and is there a memory, a moment or a period of time, where that relationship began? The first and most important consideration is identifying what are your physical boundaries as a movement practitioner (a human!). These are highly individual circumstances and can include promises like:

"I will be present to where I feel safe" 
"I can choose to observe, I do not have to participate."
"I will always rest when I feel my breath is erratic."
"I will move slowly until I feel safe in the movement practice."

Your body, your ecosystem, you as a self, have specific needs to feel nourished, supported, and capable. The more aware we become about what those needs are, the more we can find what benefits our system the most. This is the foundation of an individualized movement practice and creating accountability for one self. 

Please participate or observe in the ways that support your mobility and your curiosity, being mindful of others as you do so. 


Participation and Assumption of Risk

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I acknowledge that it is important that I exercise ordinary care for the longevity and health of myself and others I share space with, especially while participating in a movement-based project. I will assume the risk of this physical activity with attention to my own physical condition and give myself permission to rest if needed. I am also aware that some movements may be physically demanding and I will listen to what my body and mind need without judgment or criticism. I have either received advice from a physician or doctor that I am capable of physical exercise such as provided by the artists of (or hosted by) HaltForce Art Collective, or I will seek such advice, or I will assume the risk of participating without a doctor’s examination. I take complete responsibility for any injuries or loss I may incur as a result of participation and confirm that I have read and fully understand this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement. I fully understand its terms and sign it freely without inducement.
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