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Dance Matters

Professional Odissi dancer and educator Jamie Lynn Colley will be in Billings Saturday October 20th to teach an introductory workshop and perform.

Introductions to Odissi with Jamie Lynn Colley
10-12pm @ Sky Studio (101 Lewis Ave)

Colley will also perform at Rocky Mountain College with guest artists from the Billings belly dance community
7pm @ Losecamp Hall (1511 Poly Dr)

$30 for workshop (includes admission to the evening performance).

$15 to attend the performance
$10 for students

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GyroKinesis with Kate Jordan

Join Kate Jordan at Sky Studio (101 Lewis Ave)
Friday August 17th 12-1pm
for an introduction to the Gyrotonic Expansion method. Jordan works with people who want to compliment their overall health by moving well; by moving with ease, confidence, strength and enjoyment. For all, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is designed to energize the body, focus the mind, and inspire the heart.

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August 3-18th 2018

A long form engagement in the ways we interpret performance, as well as performing in day to day interactions and the un-curated, simplified ways performance can exist on a variety of stages.

From the curious, the ponderous, the misfits, and those that don't fit into one container; the classically trained, and the contemplative movers, and those that like to make an entrance simply by crossing a room; to the writers seeking creation beyond the desk: embodied, integrated, and introspective; to the theater artists who want to live in their bones and move from the marrow; to those that are tethered to composition and those that rebel against melody; to the realists, the conceptual thinkers; to the families of movers, the grandmothers too, and to all those that want to participate as witness, observer, and hold the space for what is sure to be a time filled with effervescent energy, performance for 'right now', and the realness to know it'll fade as soon as it's over. We invite you.

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Restrictions Apply [void where prohibited]

Exploring historical and present conversations on the expectations of women, Restrictions Apply [void where prohibited] is a provocative performance art work intended to spark dialog on the many shapes women conform to, adopt, reshape, and discard.

Performance by Billie Parrot and Frankie Parrott,Threads by Tiffany Miller O'Brien, Tech Design + Visual art by Mike Pasini, Featured Music by Mike Wall & Matthew Burtner, Created by Krista Leigh Pasini, Photography by Allison Kazmierski (Font & Figure)

See Restrictions Apply [void where prohibited] June 26-27th at the Billings Depot.
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@ Soul Show Just Is presented by El's Clay.


Summer Workshop Series

June through August you can catch up with Krista for an online morning mat practice and a site-specific strengthening and conditioning practice. Drop-in options available. Register here

Carving Space

An online morning mat practice dedicated to fostering accountability and 'carving space' for self care. Sessions starting in January of 2018.

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Open Barre
Restorative Series

Open Barre is an ongoing series lead by HaltForce Art Collective co-founder Krista Leigh Pasini.
Starting Thursday October 5th! This 6 week session is a geared for adults that want a ballet barre practice, but also like to color outside the lines.

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Core Works
Mat Series

Starting Thursday October 5th! Core Works is a mat series dedicated to increasing mobility of the spine and restorative stretching.
This 6 week series is lead by HaltForce Art Collective LLC co-founder Krista Leigh Pasini.

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Creating a tool kit

This guided workshop introduces tools for improvisational movement. Created through a step-by-step practice open to anyone interesting in exploring the playful joy of an improvisational community. No dance experience needed.

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Open Barre
Ballet for Adults

A ballet-based class for adults that focuses on classic techniques combined with some good laughs. These classes are open to adult dancers who crave ballet technique, at a relaxed pace. You'll experience a chill warm-up, a classical barre atmosphere, and ample restorative stretching. Most importantly, an hour of hard work. Ballet, and dance in general, is an excellent work out, improving posture, toning muscles, increasing cardiovascular stamina, and flexibility.

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Core Works
Ultra Barre & Pilates

Core Works is a multidisciplinary mat practice to integrate core connection, flexibility, and strength through the practices of Ultra Barre, Pilates, and Yoga.

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All Together Now

New Works Festival, Sacrifice Cliff Theatre (2015)
Full Length Premiere, Sacrifice Cliff Theatre (2016)
Montana Outreach, HaltForce Art Collective (2017)

Artists: Dina Brophy, Dave Caserio, Carly Mann, Daniel Nickerson, Patrick Scott-Wilson, Dave Schanno, Alys Marshall, Mike Pasini

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Commissioned by Alberta Bair Theatre and presented at Billings Public Library (2017)

Artists: Allison Kazmierski, Carolyn Coefield, Olivia Brown, Krista Leigh Pasini, and Tiffany Miller O'Brien.

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@ Breaking Classical | A Deconstruction of Ballet




An intimate evening with artists Dave Caserio, Parker Brown, and Krista Leigh Pasini; melding both solo and trio performances in music, dance, and poetry.
Harper & Madison 2017