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From the curious,  the ponderous, the misfits, and those that don't fit into one container; the classically trained, and the contemplative movers, and those that like to make an entrance simply by crossing a room; to the writers seeking creation beyond the desk: embodied, integrated, and introspective; to the theater artists who want to live in their bones and move from the marrow; and to all those that want to participate as witness, observer, and hold the space for what is sure to be a time filled with effervescent energy, performance for 'right now', and the realness to know it'll fade as soon as it's over. We invite you.


None Scheduled

Check back for updates and give us a follow on social media for announcements.


Not quite ready yet?

Want to join us for a project down the road? Send us a note from afar or around the block. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in:

  • visiting Montana to share your work with the community or present works in-progress in a salon environment

  • collaborating and/or performing on an interdisciplinary project

  • sharing your artistry and craft with the Montana community through guest instruction or outreach

  • bringing artists from our community to your community through cross residency and performance project exchanges

Let's make some art! Onward. ~ Mike + Krista Pasini


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