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HAPPENING 2019 - 2020

Three artists. Three new projects. Stay tuned to learn more about what’s unfolding in the next several months.


HaltForce Art Collective is a project based art community focused on creating performance driven artist residencies, multimedia installations, statewide collaborations and education opportunities for professional artists. Currently under the direction of creators Mike & Krista Leigh Pasini.

Without putting a container around what category of artists we are, we hope you'll browse the many ways we create, produce, and collaborate on immersive performance art, theater based installations, and multi-media visual design. Along the way, you'll also get to know the work of contributing artists in the community as well as guest artists hosted through our performance residencies.

The HaltForce Art Collective community ebbs and flows based on the projects and hosted guest artists. Since 2014 Mike and Krista have produced performative projects that range from single evening pop up events with 30 artists to 6 month long-form projects alongside an individual artist. Often the inquiries draw upon social and ecological intersections and contributing artists find intertwining themes within each others' work that generate dialog among each other and the audiences we engage with.

We believe that each of us is an artist if we stop to consider the creative and sustaining qualities of intentional art making and life living. The actions, thoughts, and intentions we set into motion each day are just as important as the masterpieces we cherish in galleries and museums. The difference? The precise collection that is you in this moment is never to be repeated again - as ephemeral as the star dust we’ve come from and all the more reason to revel in the composition that is only you. You are Art too.


At the Helm

PC Ted Kim 2017

Hi! We're Mike and Krista Pasini. We met in the late 1990's and have spent the last decades carving out a home in the eastern plains of Montana. We find inspiration in the mountains and trails of the region as well as with adventurous artists willing to create dynamic thought provoking, and sometimes playful, installations. We draw upon historical and ecological intersections and find intertwining themes within each others' work; collaborating on visual art, immersive performances, and multi/interdisciplinary projects. Projects like: The Tug of War Where Conflict Resides, All Together Now, In the Ever Now, Breaking Classicaland Last Best Place, Conversations with Montana are all projects we have found, and continue to find, rich rewards in.

And while focus often leans on the finished product, we find the process of daily creation a vital part of art making. In what ways can our creative process be a part of our daily lives?  


Words are packed and wound tightly with infinite histories, associations, and individual context; often we're unaware how we've shaped and been shaped by our vocabulary and our regional vernacular ... Attaching memories to the words that tell our stories and resonate with our understanding of the world.

HaltForce is the pairing of two opposing actions: stillness and movement. As artists we are inspired by the initially jarring quality of these words together, they both have sharp sounding qualities with descending accents. Together they're perhaps unsettling or unattractive. How have these words lived in our lives? Our stories? And upon further reflection, 'halt' and 'force' became words that defined an artistic process and a challenge to create work that allowed both to exist.


/hôlt/ An abrupt stop or suspension of movement
What abruptly stops us? Or suspends us? While the word halt may incline the imagination towards limitations or road blocks, it can also comprise moments of beauty, or awe, moments that suspend us from our daily tasks - a pause. Does 'halt' imply that motion preceded a suspension, or that motion will return?


/fôrs/ strength energy, to make a way through
The push and pull of interaction are the transactions of force. That energy and strength can come from outside ourselves or it can be cultivated from within. If force suggests movement, action, it can also reflect the movement of an energy moving through. A new path.


Support & Sustainability


As self producing artists and organizers we often seek out funding for individual projects and we’d like to make that easier for those that are excited about what we’re doing. We’re striving for a balance between monthly and project based support to pursue our goals:

  • to provide studio wellness workshops and events

  • host artists from other communities as well as artists who live in our community

  • produce interdisciplinary performance art and installations.

Current Project Funding

HaltForce is preparing to host a series of performance events this fall and extend fiscal support to the artists we host and collaborate with. Patreon helps us put community resources toward supporting the creative residencies we are passionate about elevating.

Previous residencies have included:
Dan Mont Eton (2014 & 2015), Corina Kinnear (2014 & 2015), Camille Griep (2014 & 2018), Sara Kremer (2018), Erica Gionfriddo & Eliot Gray Fisher of ARCOS Dance Co. (2016 & 2018), Kate Jordan Augusto and Bruno Augusto of Arts & Above (2018), Jamie Lynn Colley of Urvasi Dance Ensemble (2018), Bare Bait Dance Company (2019). As well as collaborations with many, many, of Billings' insanely talented resident artists over the years.

Send us a note to become a flagship sponsor of this continued work or send support directly via PayPal or Patreon.