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HaltForce Art Collective is a project based art community focused on creating performance driven artist residencies, multimedia installations, statewide collaborations and education opportunities for professional artists. Currently under the direction of creators Mike & Krista Leigh Pasini.

Without putting a container around what category of artists we are, we hope you'll browse the many ways we create, produce, and collaborate on immersive performance art, theater based installations, and multi-media visual design. Along the way, you'll also get to know the work of contributing artists in the community as well as guest artists hosted through our performance residencies. 

The HaltForce Art Collective community ebbs and flows based on the projects and hosted guest artists. Since 2014 Mike and Krista have produced performative projects that range from single evening pop up events with 30 artists to 6 month long-form projects alongside an individual artist. Often the inquiries draw upon social and ecological intersections and contributing artists find intertwining themes within each others' work that generate dialog among each other and the audiences we engage with.


Mike Pasini, cO-director
Mixed Media, Visual Art, Design, sculpture

In recent years my work reflects more interior design, in-shop fabrication and installation projects alongside a passion for mixed media visual art and sculpture. My comprehensive construction, drafting, and fabrication experience combined with a motorcycle mechanics degree lends to a multidisciplinary practice that ranges from custom furniture, collage, and interior design. Rather than see my skills as separate, my approach is an interdisciplinary integration of these skills into one contributing function.


Krista Leigh Pasini, co-Director
Choreography, performance art, theatre

I find the body is a universal vessel of exchange and the economy of our movement, no matter how large or how small, infers subtext, and communicates our cellular memories. I look for these conversations in the small windows of life’s interactions. This physical dialog is both accessible and familiar; distilled into fluid sequences that explore a narrative embedded in daily patterns, tasks, and gestures; this is a rich foundation for choreographic work and physical storytelling. One that harvests from the patterns and rituals of daily life and brings new source material, charged with beautiful plainness. By blurring the lines between performative exploration and daily patterns there lies an integrated realm that allows ones’ art to be one self; you are your own source material.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for bringing a production like that to Billings. It was an incredibly inspiring collaboration that I, and the friends I’ve had the chance to talk to about the show, sincerely hope will be the first of many. I feel like this is exactly the sort of event that the Billings arts culture needs to encourage collaboration, understanding, exploration, growth, expression in our city.
— Sarah Nitschke | Tug of War, Where Conflict Resides (2014)
PC John Speier

PC John Speier

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Perhaps you’d like to attend a restorative movement workshop, attend an event, or collaborate on a studio or staged performance? HaltForce Art Collective is a project based community focused on process before product - if that fits in with how you think, create, and collaborate periodically check on our project calls; and if you’d like to participate - well there’s a form for that too.


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