Field Testing - 4th Edition, March 2018-current

Created by Krista Leigh Pasini
Choreographic Notation (ongoing)
Performance Art, Immersive

In this exchange your contribution brings Field Testing into the space. Through movement you will illuminate an ephemeral expression of this choreographic notation that is uniquely your own. It will live only in the space you choose to perform it in, for those that are present to witness it. There are verbal and audio prompts as guides, but you complete the art in a way no one else ever will. This artwork lives in the body and by engaging in the prompts, we engage in a conversation, with our self as a site, a place, with precise and infinite coordinates.

You may choose to explore this piece inside in an open area or venture outside to an open space. Keep in mind your surroundings and safety as you move in your chosen location.

This piece is open to any who wish to contribute to the piece. Modify or dismiss any prompts as needed so that you are comfortable in the work. The prompts are suggestions.

No wrong choices. No judgement. Explore. Experiment.

If you are planning to do Field Testing somewhere without a WiFi connection download this audio score onto a mobile device and take it with you into the mountains, beaches, and open spaces that call you.

Krista Leigh Pasini. Tour   2 Photography by Font & Figure (2017)

Krista Leigh Pasini. Tour 2 Photography by Font & Figure (2017)